Zero Trust

The broad adoption of cloud data platforms for data analytics, data science, and AI drives the need for a zero trust architecture, where access is managed at the data set level instead of at the perimeter of the cloud data platform. The traditional perimeter-based security models don’t work for cloud data platforms that centralise sensitive personal and business critical data from multiple business domains, geographic regions, and partners that can be used for various use cases across multiple end points that are often exposed over the internet. The growing popularity of cloud data platforms hasn’t gone unnoticed with malicious threat actors who have adopted social engineering on a broad scale and are using advanced AI-driven techniques to get access to your cloud platforms. The resulting complex attack surface requires a much more granular approach to access management where you have to assume that your cloud data platform has been compromised and you limit the blast radius by only granting access to explicitly authorised data sets.

Balancing the granular access management required by Zero Trust with the speed and agility needed by the data teams to innovate is a challenge that Raito solves:

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