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Data access management

for the modern data team

The only platform that lets you monitor, manage, and automate multi-cloud data access.

Raito data access request
Raito software dashboard


All your data access. One tool.

Value from day one

Raito can be deployed within minutes, letting you observe data access and process data access requests within the first day.

Productivity first

Raito reduces the time to access by integrating with your pipelines, automatically managing entitlements and streamlining data access request workflows. In this way, Raito removes the red tape so you can continue to innovate.

Secure & efficient deployments

Raito doesn’t need to store credentials and limits compute cost by only extracting metadata, query logs, and aggregated statistics.


Faster end-to-end data provisioning

Get access to the data you need in no time

Give data analysts and scientists access to the data they need in minutes with Raito’s data access request workflow which covers the end-to-end process from request to access provisioning.

Raito SELECT access request on CUSTOMERS tableRaito notification: New data access request received 10 minutes ago

Least Privilege principle at scale

Automatically update permissions as people join, leave, or change roles within the organization.

Access automation

Use tag-based policies to automate the approval process of data access requests, and guarantee consistent access controls across all data sources and BI tools.

Raito tag-based access provider


Simplify policy management


Easily understand who has access to what and monitor data usage across all your data sources.

Raito: Table view on users permissions per data object


Assess the impact of changes in policies taking into account historical usage, and the relations between policies, users, and data.

Raito: Review access providers update


Raito makes automated recommendations to resolve missing, conflicting, or obsolete access controls, helping you optimise data access coverage.

Raito maturity scoreRaito tasks and recommendations list


How it works

1. Link your data sources

Easily connect Raito with your data sources and BI Tools, get your first Data Access Analytics, and process data access requests within minutes. You can connect your data sources from within Raito Cloud, or by using Raito CLI, our open source connectors. Raito doesn’t move any data over the web, gives you full control over the sync frequency, and is as easy to uninstall as it is to install.

Select data source type in Raito

2. Start at your own pace

Raito’s productivity-first approach allows you to mature your access controls at your own pace. There’s no need for a long, disruptive implementation, since you can track your progress to access control maturity over time. Raito’s policy recommender will help you improve further by resolving missing, conflicting, or obsolete policies, and will help you transition from ACL to ABAC.

Raito dashboard - Access coverage heatmap

3. Push governance left

Integrate Raito CLI with your CI/CD pipelines and manage access as code to integrate and automate data governance in the data product development process. You have full control with our open source CLI tool and you don’t need to share your data source's credentials with us! Raito will ingest existing permissions, metadata and aggregated statistics.

Access control as code via command line interface
Access control as code via command line interfaceRaito dashboard - Access coverage heatmapSelect data source type in Raito

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