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Access to data.

Fast, Secure, and on Time.

Raito helps data platform teams monitor, manage, and automate 
multicloud data security for AI and Analytics.


All your data access. One tool.

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One platform to secure AI and Analytics

The days that cloud data platforms are only used for management reporting are long gone.
Data Platform Teams have to service many more use cases, making data security a complicated thing.
Raito is the ultimate platform to manage data security for:

GenAI: connect LLM’s to your data products while preventing security and privacy breaches.

Integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) seamlessly with your cloud data providers with the right security and privacy measures.

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Self Service Analytics: manage access to data products depending on the role of the data worker.

Empower your team with self-service analytics, granting tailored access to data products based on individual roles, ensuring efficient and secure data access and usage.

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Raito's UI allows to manage access to data. You can define which permissions users or groups of users have on given data objects.
Raito facilitates data access management between organizations

Data Sharing: effectively secure third party access to your data products.

Safeguard data security while facilitating seamless third-party access to your data products, ensuring robust security measures are in place for effective collaboration.

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Streamline access requests to data products

Request access to the data, infrastructure, and code base for data products.

Give data workers access to the data they need in seconds instead of weeks with Raito’s data access request workflow which covers the end-to-end process from request to access provisioning.

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Raito's notifications panel informs you about access requests that require your attention.

Grant users and groups temporary access to data products.

Apply Least Privilege principle at scale by granting users and groups temporary access to data products and automatically revoking unused permissions.

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Automatically approve access requests using pre-approvals and tag-based policies.

Use tag-based policies to automate the approval process of data access requests, and guarantee consistent data access and security controls across all data sources and BI tools.

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Pre-approved access allows Data Owners and Data users to save time and efforts.


Centrally manage all data access and security

Raito's interface offers a bird-eye view on data access.

Centrally manage access, and data security controls to data products across the data stack.

Centrally manage access, and data security controls to data products across your multi cloud data stack using Raito’s business friendly interface.

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Dynamically grant access, mask data and filter rows using Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC)

Effortlessly scale your data access and security controls with Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC), enabling dynamic access grants, column masking, and row filtering based on designated data and user tags for enhanced security and flexibility.

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Raito offers the possibility to mask the content of Tables columns. This can also be done using Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC)
Example of a Terraform script providing READ permissions on data to a data analyst.

Shift data security left by integrating with data development processes.

Shift Data Security Left by integrating the Raito CLI with your CI/CD pipelines. Manage policy as code and automate set the appropriate data access and security controls during the development of your data products.


Simplify Audit and Compliance

Monitor all data access and usage across the multi cloud environment from one location.

Easily shift your perspective from high-level insights to fine-grained reporting at the user and table level.

The Access Risk Map is one of many Insights widgets that Raito is offering.
It highlights the Users distribution on Access and Usage.

Audit all changes to access controls, monitor who requested access and who approved.

Monitor access requests and approvals to ensure accountability and compliance within your organization.

Raito's Access Requests feature comes with logs and history

Generate regulatory reports around data access, usage and security for NIS2, SOC 2, EU AI Act.

Raito’s monitoring lets you generate regulatory reports with the current security standards and regulations.

Raito Audit feature allows to export reports on access management
The Access Risk Map is one of many Insights widgets that Raito is offering.
It highlights the Users distribution on Access and Usage.Raito's Access Requests feature comes with logs and historyRaito Audit feature allows to export reports on access management

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