Your data access management framework of choice for BigQuery

Raito allows you to secure your BigQuery projects with the data security framework of your choice. With simplification of data access management and actionable data usage insights, data owners can truly take end-to-end ownership on their data in BigQuery, while respecting privacy and security regulations. The powerful data access and usage insights in combination with easy data access management and automation in Raito, let you to incrementally improve your data security in BigQuery, and bring a balance between data innovation and data security to the platform.


Fast and secure access management for BigQuery

Value from day 1

Act upon powerful insights in data access and usage from the first day you integrate Raito with BigQuery

Improve data security

Limit access to what is actually used with fine-grained access controls.

Increased productivity

Get access to the data you need in seconds instead of days.


How Raito brings data access management frameworks to BigQuery


Holistic assessment of prevailing data access

Understand how users actually use data objects

Monitor any modification to your data access

Track the evolution of your data security maturity score

Produce compliance reports regarding data access regulations


Make access management easier with universal access controls

Opt for RBAC, PBAC, or ABAC models to control access across all data sources.

Easily manage access at file-, row- and column level

In no time, pinpoint and revoke permissions that aren't being used

Generate policies using a visual interface or by coding them


Revoke temporary permissions after the predefined time limit

Simplify access request processing with prior approval

Utilize data and user attributes to create ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control) rules

Get notifications when access rules clash with defined compliance policies

Withdraw privileges as individuals are deleted from your identity store


How Raito manages data access within and above BigQuery

Raito brings data security to the BigQuery Platform directly as well as to your Google Cloud Platform account. Raito injects least-privilege principles to BigQuery access management, by providing best-practices like time-bound and pre-approved access. As Raito interacts with BigQuery and GCP you can define permissions on every level and use Google Cloud identities and groups to manage access in all other data sources within your organization as well.


Raito, the way to increased BigQuery value

Raito equips you with the insights essential for securing BigQuery while at the same time improving productivity

Invaluable Insights

From day one, Raito delivers insights on data access and usage, enabling you to take action by removing unused permissions. As these modifications are documented in our audit trail, you will obtain complete control over your data.

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Access insights on Databricks users provided by Raito
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Protect your data

By consolidating data access controls, Raito ensures a standardized approach to data access management across BigQuery and your other data sources. Raito offers you the ability to enforce least-privilege principles for compliance reasons and to configure access controls based on roles, attributes, or purposes.

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Improve productivity

With Raito, data owners can manage data access controls end-to-end, liberating your data workers from this responsibility. Raito's user-friendly access management and automation features have the potential to greatly reduce access request and management cycles, often to a matter of seconds.

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