Data Access Governance

Monitor data access & usage

Raito provides a unified view to consistently monitor data access & usage across your cloud data ecosystem. This single pane of glass lets you see who has access to which data, and how data is being used. Raito highlights overly permissive or risky access to structured and unstructured data, and contextualizes the risk that access represents based on the sensitivity of the data. Combined with our risk scores, we help you prioritize risks and remediation actions. With Raito’s audit capabilities you can monitor the history of access controls, and access requests. Raito’s integration with Active Directory allows for a single, consolidated view of user access across identity providers, and cloud data providers.


Raito lets data owners manage and enforce data access policies to achieve least privileged access at scale without disrupting data operations. Raito’s relentless focus on UX/UI allows for business users to manage access to data and purposes, and approve access requests to structured and unstructured data across cloud data providers. Raito’s tight integration with your CI/CD gives the separation of duties and integration with DataOps needed for data engineers to shift security left, saving hours of work.

raito interface - table with masked columns because of PCI data


Raito provides a single platform to automate data access management across your cloud data platforms. Use Raito’s policy builder to create time-bound access controls to limit access in time, pre-approve access requests and use attribute-based access controls to automate policy enforcement across your cloud data. 

raito dashboard with pre approved access
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