Streamline data access requests and approvals for rapid provisioning

Learn how Raito simplifies the process of requesting and approving access to your company's data, ensuring that employees only access the data they need. Our platform automates access provisioning and deprovisioning, saving your team valuable time and reducing the risk of unauthorized data access.


Flexible access requests

Request access to data objects

Request data access in just a few clicks

Make access requests simple and fast by defining your purpose, selecting data objects and permissions, and choosing who needs access. Our solution streamlines the process and ensures quick and secure data access for all users.

Centralize access requests, follow-up and status updates

Keep track of all access requests in one centralized location and stay informed with real-time status updates. Data owners can easily approve or reject requests, ensuring that access is granted or revoked efficiently and securely by those who know the data.

Access request history and comments in Raito


Collaborative data access request approvals

Implementation of an access request in Raito

Smooth approval workflow for collaborative teams

Our streamlined approval process enables data owners to efficiently approve or reject access requests, ensuring rapid data access for collaborative teams.

Real-time notifications for efficient request management

Raito sends real-time notifications via mail or in-app, so requesters and data owners can stay informed on the status of requests, and data owners can manage approval tasks easily through a dedicated dashboard.

Access request notification


Enforce Least Privileged Access Management at scale

Time-bound access management

Put a curfew on data access requests

Allow users to request access for a restricted duration, after which access is automatically revoked. This approach is ideal for temporary access while upholding the principles of least privilege access management.

Limit excessive privileges when granting access

Raito suggests the most suitable method for providing access to the requested data objects while preventing excessive privileges to those data objects that are not in scope of the access request.

Suggestions of access controls that could be used to implement an access request, ordered by number of side effects.
Side effects

Customized access implementation

If the access request can't be fulfilled automatically, Raito offers the possibility to manually define how the access should be granted. Our product provides extra insights, highlighting any side-effects that may occur (such as granting access to data objects that aren't part of the original request). This allows data owners to make informed decisions and maintain control over their data.

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