Balance security and innovation in Databricks

Raito brings native data security to the Databricks platform, allowing data owners to take end-to-end ownership of their data by governing data access & usage in Databricks, while respecting privacy and security regulations. With incremental improvements to your data security maturity through data access & usage monitoring, management and automation, Databricks users can foster data innovation and respect customer trust with Raito.


Security without drawbacks for your lakehouse

Value from day one

Obtain insights as of day 1 in existing data access and usage

Improve data security

Detect and revoke unused permissions or apply fine-grained access controls

Increased productivity

Relieve your data workers and provide access within seconds


The value Raito brings to Databricks

Raito has a light-weight integration with Databricks through the Unity catalog. Raito simplifies data access management and adds automation and monitoring of access changes and data usage to the platform.


Central overview of existing data access

Insights on data usage per user and data object

Audit all changes of your data access

Monitor progress of your data security maturity score

Generate regulatory reporting for data access compliance for the supervisor


Simplify access management through universal access controls

Choose between RBAC, PBAC and ABAC frameworks to manage access across all data sources

Manage file-, row- and column level access at scale

Easily detect and revoke unused permissions in seconds

Create policies visually or write them as code


Revoke temporary access after a predefined period

Automate the approval of access requests by pre-approving them

Use data and user attributes to define attribute based access controls

Get notified when access controls conflict with compliance policies

Revoke access when people are removed from your identity store


Raito + Databricks architecture

Raito brings data security to the Databricks Platform through Unity Catalog. Unity Catalog allows to set up data governance for and define access controls across Databricks workspaces. Raito injects least-privilege principles to those access controls, by providing access management best-practices like time-bound and pre-approved access.

Schema of raito architecture in Databricks workspace


Raito and Databricks, a match made in heaven

Raito provides the insights needed to properly secure Databricks and increase productivity at the same time

Valuable Insights

Raito offers you insights in who can access which data and how they are using that access as of day 1. You can act upon those insights by revoking unused permissions. As those changes will be available in our audit trail, you will truly get in control of what is happening with your data.

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Access insights on Databricks users provided by Raito
raito access controls list

Secure your data

By centralizing data access controls, Raito allows for consistent data access controls across Databricks and all your other data sources. Raito empowers you to install least-privilege principles to meet regulations and allows you to create role-based, attribute-based and purpose-based access controls.

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Increase productivity

Raito relieves your data workers from managing access by enabling data owners to take end-to-end ownership of data access controls. With Raito’s intuitive access management and automation features, long access request and management cycles can be drastically reduced up until seconds.

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raito access request
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