Gain visibility and control over data access & usage

Data access observability is a crucial part of data management. With Raito, you can easily observe data access & usage across all your data sources and analytics tools, enabling you to track who has access to what data and how often they use it. Achieve peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is always secure and only accessible by authorized personnel.

Raito observability widgets


Detailed Access & Usage Analytics

Raito data object access page

Easily monitor user access to your sensitive data

Get a detailed overview of who has access to your sensitive data across the entire data stack. You can view user permissions and access details for each data object, as well as see how access is provided through groups, roles, and role inheritance. This gives you the transparency to make informed decisions.

Get a detailed view on data access across your organization

Track who can access sensitive data objects within your organization. Simply select a user and view the data objects they have access to, along with their specific permissions and access details. This provides you with a clear understanding of how sensitive data is being accessed across your organization, and helps you ensure that only the right people have access to the data they need.

Raito user access page
data usage across your data stack

Instantly understand usage patterns 

Get an understanding of the data usage across your data stack. See which data objects or permissions are never used, rank your data objects on popularity, and discover over-privileged users that don’t use their permissions. These insights are the basis for informed least privilege access management.



Track the health of your data ecosystem

Easily keep track of the number of active users, tables that are being used, and access providers that are granting privileges. These three metrics allow you to quickly assess the overall health of your data access system.

Raito data ecosystem health widget

Analyze query traffic to optimize performance

The data usage graph provides a detailed view of the number of queries per data source. By identifying which data sources are receiving the most queries, you can optimize performance and avoid potential bottlenecks.

Data usage bar chart widget
Access coverage heat-map widget

Pinpoint users with excessive privileges

The Access Coverage Heat-map highlights users with excessive privileges, allowing you to identify areas where access needs to be limited or revoked. By using this feature, you can ensure that your data access policies are effective and aligned with your organization's goals.


Actionable recommendations

Overprivileged users and unused access providers

Our recommendation page provides actionable insights for identifying and mitigating risks associated with overprivileged users and unused access. You can easily identify potential security vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to reduce risk.

Recommendations for overprivileged users widget
Raito actionable insights for overprivileged users

Detailed insights for risk mitigation

For each recommendation, get a deeper understanding of the risks and the remediation. Take action to remediate the risks in a timely and effective manner by turning recommendations into tasks that can be executed manually or automatically.

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