Data Security for AI

Chart describing how Raito secures data used with AI

AI and more specifically generative AI and interactive AI have huge potential for organizations that can adopt it in their business processes. Gartner predicts that by 2025 Generative AI will play a role in 70% of data-heavy workloads, which will completely reshape how we work with data. This creates new privacy and security challenges, which is being echoed by industry leaders. A study by McKinsey highlights cybersecurity as one of the most-cited risks of adopting AI among organizations. 

Cybersecurity risks associated with AI adoption include the unauthorized access to and accidental disclosure of sensitive personal or business critical data through AI model outputs. Generative AI lets engineers create AI/ML models for different use cases and purposes with unprecedented speed and agility. This agility risks that access controls become outdated quickly, providing users with information they are otherwise not entitled to access. With this, the complexity of managing data access for specific use cases and controlling access to the raw data has increased exponentially.

Raito manages and monitors the data access of service accounts used in your data pipelines and machine learning algorithms, and user access to the AI models to prevent unauthorised access, accidental disclosure, and data poisoning. By employing access-as-code (YAML) and a seamless integration with your CI/CD pipeline, Raito empowers ML teams to shift data security left. This shift places security early in the data stream and places responsibility in the hands of the data owners who thoroughly understand the data and can use Raito’s intuitive user interface and user experience.

Whether you are training an AI-model, or are enhancing your chatbot with generative AI, Raito enables compliance with least-privilege access principles. By leveraging fine-grained column- and row-level security, Raito offers you full control to prevent your AI model from accidentally disclosing data without having to duplicate data. Additionally, as Raito governs the information accessible to end-users, it ensures that your generative AI chatbots won’t inadvertently disclose any sensitive or business critical information to unauthorized users.

raito interface - users permissions on data
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