Scalable data security for Azure

Raito allows any data owner to take full end-to-end ownership of their data in Azure Data Lake by introducing data access and usage monitoring intuitive data access management and automation. Organizations can incrementally improve their data security maturity and meet privacy and security regulations by supporting on the actionable insights in data access and usage and auditing of data access. This allows you to foster data innovation while respecting regulations and customer trust with Raito.


Fast & Secure, a road to an azure blue sky

Value from day 1

Know who uses which data access as of day 1

Improve data security

Move to least-privilege-principle by acting on insights about unused permissions

Increased productivity

Make sure your data workers can get access in seconds


Azure data access management simplified with Raito


Analyze existing data access centrally

Analysis of data usage per user and data object

Obtain a complete log of your data access changes

Monitor the evolution of your data security maturity score

Create compliance reports on data access regulations for supervisory review


Streamline access control with universal access management.

Utilize RBAC, PBAC, or ABAC approaches for managing access to data across all sources

Effectively manage access at file-, row- and column level

Effortlessly identify and retract idle permissions within seconds

Compose policies using a visual editor or by scripting in code


Terminate temporary access upon reaching the predetermined duration

Facilitate access request approval by pre-approving requests

Apply user and data attributes to define access controls based on attributes

Receive alerts for access control violations against compliance guidelines

Disable access when individuals are removed from your identity store


How Raito builds on entra ID to protect Azure

Raito brings data security to Azure Data Lake directly as well as in combination with Entra ID (previously know as Azure Active Directory), which allows you to manage access consistently across Azure Data Lake and all other data sources in your organization. Raito injects least-privilege principles to Azure Data Lake access management, by providing best-practices like time-bound and pre-approved access.

Schema of raito architecture in combination with Entra ID and Microsoft Azure Blob


Azure data innovation enabled through Raito

Raito delivers the required insights to ensure Azure Data Lake security and drive productivity gains simultaneously

Insights to act

Raito delivers insights into data access and usage, empowering you to swiftly revoke unused permissions starting on day one. With the availability of those changes in our audit trail, you will obtain control on what is happening with your data.

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Access insights on Databricks users provided by Raito
raito access controls list

Safeguard your data

Through the centralization of data access controls, Raito ensures uniform data access management across Azure Data Lake and other data sources. Raito gives you the ability to enforce least-privilege principles to meet regulations and to establish access controls based on roles, attributes, or purposes.

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Increase efficiency

With Raito, data owners take control of data access management, allowing your data workers to focus on other tasks. Raito's user-friendly access management and automation functionalities can significantly streamline access request and management, reducing the process to a matter of seconds.

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