Raito removes the burden of AWS IAM for S3 data access management

Raito offers overlays AWS IAM policies with an intuitive way to manage them. This allows data owners to take end-to-end ownership of their data, rather than heavily depending on IAM experts. These data owners can incrementally improve your data security maturity with the data access & usage monitoring, the simplified data access management and automation offered by Raito. This allows you to balance innovation with data stored in S3 with privacy and security regulations.


S3 data access: Simple, Speedy and Secure

Value from day 1

See who can access which S3 file and how they use it as of day 1

Improve data security

Revoke unused access with Raito’s actionable insights

Increased productivity

Provide access to S3 files within seconds to your data workers


Raito and S3, the simplification you need


Insights on existing data access

Understanding data consumption at the user and  data object level

Audit every adjustment made to your data access

Track the development of your data security maturity score

Generate reports on data access regulatory adherence for supervisor


Facilitate access management through overarching access controls

Pick RBAC, PBAC, or ABAC frameworks for access management across diverse data sources

Implement fine-grained data access with file-, row- and column level access controls

Quickly spot and withdraw under-utilized permissions in just seconds

Develop policies through visual tools or code them manually


Automatically revoke access granted for a limited time after the specified interval

Streamline access request approvals through pre-authorization

Employ data and user attributes in the formulation of attribute-based access policies

Be informed of access control breaches that contradict compliance policies

Suspend permissions as people are eliminated from your identity store


Raito, the access management spider in your AWS accounts web

Raito brings data security to AWS S3 directly as well as to your AWS account and organization. Raito injects least-privilege principles to AWS S3 access management, by providing best-practices like time-bound and pre-approved access. As Raito interacts with S3 and AWS you can define permissions on every level across all your AWS accounts.

Schema of raito architecture for AWS organizations and S3


Raito, a value boost to your S3 data

Raito offers the necessary guidance to effectively safeguard S3 while boosting productivity

Key Insights

With Raito, you will immediately receive insights into data access and usage, allowing you to proactively revoke unused permissions. As these changes are logged in our audit trail, you will soon master your data access management process.

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Access insights on Databricks users provided by Raito
raito access controls list

Ensure data security

Raito's centralization of data access controls allows consistent management of data access for S3 and all your other data sources. It enables you to implement least-privilege principles to meet regulatory requirements and allows you to establish role-based, attribute-based and purpose-based access controls.

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Boost efficiency

By enabling data owners to take full ownership of data access controls, Raito eliminates the need for your data workers to manage them. Raito's user-friendly access management and automation functionalities can lead to a significant reduction in access request and management cycles, often down to seconds.

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