Data access for you entire data landscape with Raito and Okta

Okta’s unique user identifier strengthens Raito’s easy and secure data access management. Together they drive data innovation while adhering to security and privacy standards. The injection of Okta’s universal users and groups into Raito further simplify data access management. Together they allow data owners to take end-to-end ownership of their data across your entire data stack through data access & usage monitoring, universal access controls and automation.


Data access for your entire data landscape

Immediate value

Raito provides data access & usage insights about all Okta users for all your data sources as of day 1

Strengthen data security

Rest assured users have least-privilege data access through detection and removal of unused permissions and fine-grained access controls

Optimized productivity

Allow data owners to manage access once for all data sources and implement access requests in a matter of seconds


Raito and Okta: their combined value

Raito can benefit from Okta’s universal users and groups through a one-way integration. This allows data owners to easily manage access and monitor usage for your entire data stack.


Comprehensive overview of all existing data access for users

Insights on users activity for all data applications

Audit of all data access changes

Measure your data security maturity and progress over time

Create regulatory reporting to prove data access compliance for the supervisor


Facilitate access management by using Okta’s groups

Manage access for your entire data stack by implementing RBAC, ABAC or PBAC

Manage fine-grained access at scale with file-, row- and column level security

Move to least-privilege principle by detecting and removing users unused permissions

Use Okta users and groups in visually or code generated policies


Terminate access automatically after a predefined period

Fasten your access request process by utilizing pre-approval automation

Implement attribute based access controls with Okta user attributes

Get notified when access violates your compliance policies

Removing all access is as simple as removing a user from Okta


How Raito combined with Okta fit in your data architecture

The joint power of integrating Raito and Okta in your data stack is the ability to define data governance and implement access only once. Okta’s authentication and Raito’s authorization complement each other. Raito’s access management best-practices like time-bound and pre-approved access can be brought consistently to your entire data stack at once by using Okta’s universal users and groups.

Schema of raito's architecture integrating Okta to couple IAM with data access management


Secure innovation at scale with Raito and Okta

Raito, strengthened with Okta’s universal user identifiers, offers the ability to secure data innovation across all your data technologies

Precious findings

Raito provides information on which user can access which data, regardless of your technology stack or the groups the user belongs to. Acting upon these insights is as easy as clicking once to remove unused permissions. All these changes are logged in Raito’s audit trail, giving you the ability to truly master your data access management.

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Access insights on Databricks users provided by Raito
raito access controls list

Protect your data

With the use of Okta’s universal users and groups and the centralization of data access controls, Raito offers you to managed data access consistently for your entire data landscape. You can unlock all Okta’s access management functionality by assigning role-based and purpose-based access controls to Okta’s groups or by utilizing Okta user attributes in attribute-based access controls. Additionally, Raito empowers you to enforce least-privilege principles and implement fine-grained access.

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Improve efficiency

As data owners can take end-to-end ownership of their data with Raito, you free up valuable time from data engineers. While using Okta groups in Raito’s intuitive access management features and through automation, you can speed up data access workflows from days to seconds.

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