Data Regulations & Standards

Across the world, data regulations and standards are converging towards a more integrated approach to data security, governance and privacy as a response to the increased number of data and privacy breaches following the increased cloud adoption. This has resulted in a common ground on the importance of least privilege access management to keep cloud data secure and private. Given the broad cloud adoption, the scope of these regulations is also extended to cover significantly more sectors and organizations. 

Regulations and standards that are require organizations to limit users’ and machines’ data access to what is absolutely needed include, but are not limited to:

Implementing and managing least privilege access management without disrupting data analytics and ML operations is an enormous challenge, given the scale and variance of data, technology and people, and the release cadence of data and AI/ML products.

Raito helps data teams achieve regulatory compliance by letting them implement and maintain least privilege access management in a non-intrusive, incremental approach centered around monitoring, collaboration, and automation. Raito’s monitoring gives you a unified view of the current data access & usage patterns across your cloud data platforms, giving you insights into the regulatory gaps so you can plan the path towards regulatory compliance  in a truly informed way. All within 24 hours of connecting Raito with your data stack. As your data teams incrementally improve collaboration and automation to increase data security compliance, Raito’s monitoring capabilities will also enable them to monitor and report on the impact of change to your data security maturity.

Data access management graph. Maturity over time.
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