Universal data access with Raito and Entra

Raito’s simplified and secure data access management, combined with Microsoft Entra ID’s universal users, drive data innovation while complying with security and privacy regulations. The integration of Entras universal users and groups simplifies further Raito’s data access management. Moreover Raito’s data access & usage monitoring,  and assisted automation allows data owners to take end-to-end ownership and install consistent data access across your various data sources


Uniform data access with Raito

Day one benefits

Obtain immediate data access & usage insights for users across all your data sources

Boost data security

Apply least-privilege principle for users by implementing fine-grained access controls and by detecting and revoking users unused permissions

Enhanced efficiency

Provide data access once across all data sources within seconds


The combined value of Raito and Entra ID

Raito has a one-directional integration with Microsoft Entra ID, allowing you to utilize universal users and groups to manage access and monitor usage throughout your entire data landscape.


Complete visibility into all existing data access for users

Cross data source insights on users activity

Track every data access change

Observe the progress of your data security maturity score

Produce regulatory reporting to showcase data access compliance for the supervisor


Streamline access management by using Entra ID groups

Opt for RBAC, PBAC or ABAC frameworks to manage access across all data sources

Secure access at scale by managing it at file-, row- and column level

Easily detect and revoke a users unused permissions in your entire data landscape

Create policies graphically or in code and assign them to Entra ID users and groups


Deactivate access after a set duration

Improve access request handling through pre-approval automation

Use Entra ID user attributes to implement attribute based access controls

Receive alerts upon violation of compliance policies

Rest assured that removing a user from Entra ID results in a data access clean-up


Raito and Microsoft Entra ID combined in your data architecture

Raito and Microsoft Entra ID simultaneously integrated in your data architecture, allow to define data governance and implement access controls throughout your entire landscape. Entras authentication and Raito’s authorization go hand-in-hand. Entras universal users and groups enriches Raito’s access management best-practices like time-bound and pre-approved access and allows you to inject them consistently in all your data sources.

Schema of raito data architecture integrating Microsoft Entra ID


Raito and Entra, secure innovation at scale

Entra brings universal identifiers to Raito, allowing it to secure data innovation, regardless of the technology you use

Priceless intelligence

Raito offers you insights in which user can access which data, irrespective of the tools you use or the groups they belong to. You can immediately take remediations based on these insights by revoking excessive permissions. Raito logs those changes to your audit trail, allowing you to truly taking control of your data access management.

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Access insights on Databricks users provided by Raito
raito access controls list

Safeguard your data

By centralizing data access controls and using Microsoft Entra ID universal users and groups, Raito allows for consistent data access across all your data tools. The possible use of groups in role-based and purpose-based access controls, or user attributes in attribute-based access controls offer you the possibility to really tap in on all Entra ID functionality for access management. Furthermore, with Raito, you can enforce least-privilege principles and fine-grained access.

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Boost productivity

Raito sets data engineers free from managing access to data as data owners can take end-to-end ownership over their data. Raito’s intuitive access management and automation features combined with Microsoft Entra ID groups simplifies data access workflows from days to seconds.

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