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Experience the ultimate data access and usage observability platform with Raito.

Discover the power of our business-friendly UI, designed to provide you with unparalleled insights and save you valuable time. Witness how Raito revolutionizes your understanding of data access and usage patterns.


Seamlessly integrate and start benefiting from AI-powered monitors for data access risks, and experience a comprehensive 360° view of data access and usage. Out of the box and within a single day. Get up and running quickly and effortlessly with our cutting-edge technology.

No change needed

Raito’s agentless cloud based solution doesn’t interfere with your data team’s workflow.  With Raito, you can effortlessly observe data access and usage patterns without any disruption to your existing data stack and workflows. When the time is right, Raito empowers you to take control and automate data access and usage management with ease.

Monitor data access & usage for free today!

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